Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dear John, By The Time You Read These Lines, I'll Be Gone...

The Lisp has run it's course and this will be its final month, so get ready for some mammoth posts, because I intend to go out with a motherfucking BANG! In about a month's time, I will have been blogging for 6 years.  SIX. Years.  Oy.

Long gone are the days of personal insights, recaps and reviews, and social commentary.   I haven't written anything of substance in I don't know how long. 

I've enjoyed sharing my various mix tapes, In-A-Madonna Moods with you and all the HUMP!y men --and their asses!


First and foremost, thanks to YOU, the regular subscribers of The Lisp!

Your views, links and so on consistently have kept my weekly "hit average" up.
Thanks to the bloggers who linked me, blogrolled me, submitted pics, commented, criticized, celebrated with me and condemned me...I appreciate the love in all its forms.

Thanks to everyone who blogrolled and link-listed me!  I'm so glad y'all saw something 'round here that you felt would fit in on your blogs.

Thank you to the following people for contributing time, expertise and gayness to The Lisp:
Shaun Proulx, Jules Lieff & FitOrganix, Joe Oppedisano, Les Sterling, Joey/Flyfoto, Ray Seitz, Cazwell, Bryan Slater, Todd Sanfield, and Jakub Stefano.  Your contributions were invaluable and I'll always appreciate what you shared here.

      I don't know how long I'll leave the archives up for...I may decide to delete the whole thing, but I'll do my best to provide some warning.

      Now, this doesn't have to be a sad day...The Lisp's tumblr site (digital binge/digital purge) will stay alive for now.  At least until I can bring myself to delete the hundreds, maybe thousands, of images in my computer.
      I can't just go cold turkey, ya know.

      Thanks ever so!


      1. Very sad news indeed - I have always appreciated the "blahblahblah GAY blahblah MADONNA ........"

        Good luck in whatever you choose to do in the future!

        Jon x

      2. Of all my readers, only 3.5 are Canadian.

        Who will understand my poutine references NOW?


        **reaches for inhaler*

      4. So sad to hear this.
        Where will I get my Sunday Sermons and my Ends of the Week and all that goodness that you've brought?

        I need a sit down.

      5. You'll be back, in one shape or form.

        Hell, I've been doing this for close to eight years :P

      6. @jon: thank you jon!

        @mj: oh, i'll still come by so you won't lose any readership. btw... 3.5? what's a half a canadian? michael ignatieff?

        @damien: :( breathe old chum...i'll still come by and visit.

        @bob: stop by the tumblr site...i can't give up cold turkey.

        @s: Quizás, Quizás, Quizás

      7. awful news i log on daily to your blog for last couple of years and love your whimsical wit , nds of week, mixtapes etc etc etc ill miss ya

      8. I and I am sure we are going to miss you.

      9. And who am I going to say what a fabulous time I have at the Madonna concert in Miami in November? But alas all good things must come to an end I rekon. Peace...

      10. I want to say how truly grateful I am to you for all that you have given all these years.there is so much that Iwill miss about your site. yours was one of the first blogs that I truly did "follow" and I will miss you very much. I understand the need to evolve and change, but please know that you have made an impact and effected others for the better. I remember that I started to follow you because your wit was so sharp, but it wasn't biting for the sake of being cruel but for the sake of honesty, you just wanted people to be real and true. I respected that then as I respect you now for doing what you need to do and moving on. Please do so now in health and love.

      11. The fact that I had to find out about this through Tumblr says enough I guess ;) Still you will be highly missed, you've been one of the most dedicated bloggers I've known. But let's face it, you can still share your goodies on Tumblr, so I'll keep on following you there. Kiss!

      12. It's been a pleasure... best wishes.


      13. @patrick: thanks for checking in everyday!

        @stupid lama: thank you! and the archives will still be can comment and I'll still see it!

        @jean ann tonique: thank you so so so much for your words. exactly what i needed to hear. xo

        @daan: lol...thanks, daan and yes, i'll still be at the tumblr!

        @mac: cheers!

        @cb: really.


      you better make this good.


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