Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mixtape! ~ MDNA B-Day!

The Queen's birthday is once again upon us!  This should really be a holiday.

Regardless, we're celebrating here at The Lisp with a brand new mixtape full of lots of remixed tracks, and like the current tour, it's heavy on the MDNA!  I managed to get a hold of a few of the studio versions, and they is hawzawt!

I've included the demo of Gang Bang (previously called Bang Bang) and dare I say, I kinda like it better than what ended up on the CD!  Also, there's a few mash-ups (M vs. M) as well as the fun Scissor Sisters mash-up, Madonna Has a Kiki!


As always, your d/l info is in the comments, and for Lourdes' sake, if you hear something you like, support Madonna and BUY HER SHIT!



  2. A lovely birthday tribute, indeed - but at 287Mb it's gonna take all night! Jx


you better make this good.


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