Saturday, July 21, 2012

UPDATED! What's A KeeKee?

Um...that's Kiki.

Well the Sisters of the Scissors have really polarized the community.  You either love Let's Have A Kiki, or you don't.

I am, for one, in love with the track and officially declare it my summer jam.  In fact, I might be so bold to say that I know all I need to know about someone based on their love/hate of this super-pink track.

Two months ago, my mixtape featured the addictive track and I've enjoyed watching the download numbers rise over the last few weeks.

In celebration of what could be one of the gayest tracks of all time, I'm providing a bunch of (unofficial) remixes that I hope you'll enjoy.  Full disclosure:  I'm stuck on the original.  Feel free to decide for yourself.

  1. Album Version
  2. DJ Dan Murphy Extended Remix
  3. Toy Armada and DJ Santos Cunty Mix
  4. DJ Nita Remix
  5. Tannuri and DJ Aron Remix

Your d/l information is in the comments!

What's up? It's Pickles. Leave a message.
Hey, I'm calling you back.
Oooh, she's been a bitch tonight.
And by bitch I mean this rain; no cab, nowhere.
So I had to put on the wig, and the heels
And the lashes, and take the train, to the club
And you know the MTA should stand for:
Mother-fuckers Touching My Ass
So then I get to the club
Looking like a drowned, harassed rat
And I'm greeted, not by Miss Rose at the door
But our friend, Johnny Five-O
Yes honey, the NYPD shut down the party
You knew before me, I don't even know what's the tea
So I hope you're up girl
Because we are all coming over
Lock the doors, lower the blinds
Fire up the smoke machine and put on your heels
Cause I know exactly what we need
Let's have a kiki, I wanna have a kiki
Lock the doors, tight
Let's have a kiki, motherfucker
I'm gonna let you have it
Let's have a kiki
I wanna have a kiki
Dive, turn, work
Let's have a kiki
We're gonna serve, and work and turn
And h-h-honey
A kiki is a party, for calming all your nerves
We're spilling tea, and dishing just desserts one may deserve
And though the sun is rising, few may choose to leave
So shade that lid and we'll all bid adieu to your ennui
Oh, what a wonderful kiki
This kiki is marvelous
(Work it girl, very liberty, eww, you know girl
We were sitting back here just having a kiki)
(Kiki, Soso, Oui Oui, Non Non) [x4]

UPDATE:  The SS's label is so excited about a non-single getting so much attention, they've released an OFFICIAL remix EP!  It features:
  1. 2 Bears Club Mix
  2. Almighty Club Mix
  3. Almighty Radio Edit
  4. Danny Verde Club Mix
And you'll find a new d/l link in the comments -- just scroll down!



  2. "I hope you're up girl
    Because we are all coming over
    Lock the doors, lower the blinds
    Fire up the smoke machine and put on your heels
    Cause I know exactly what we need!"

    I adore it! THE Gay Pride anthem of 2012... Jx

  3. I love the original! I especially enjoy the Videodrome video for the song. PHI PHI = Drown Harassed Rat

  4. I love it a lot! For the fools that don't - haters gonna hate.

  5. Official mixes!

  6. I didn't think much of the song when I first heard it and haven't loved their past music. I just have different tastes but after I saw them perform KiKi on Watch What Happens Live w/ Andy Cohen (hmm...did you see him the other night hosting in a 70's tennis outfit? and he kept spreading his legs!) I fell in love with the song and downloaded the album (when are they going to come up with terminology to match the technology?). I like it enough but need to give it a few more listens.


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