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The Lisp EXCLUSIVE: An Interview With Todd Sanfield

How much of a treat are you in for?!

I've been corresponding with mega-hot model Todd Sanfield and he graciously agreed to an interview.  He doesn't do them very often, so naturally I was completely thrilled.

I've been corresponding with mega-hot model Todd Sanfield and he graciously agreed to an interview.  He doesn't do them very often, so naturally I was completely thrilled.

Todd is so popular with readers of The Lisp (you'll recall he placed second as Favourite HUMP! of 2011), I thought it would be awesome for all of us to get to know him just a little better.

The Lisp:  Todd, you scored your first cover at the tender age of 22 and you just blew up after that.  You've done quite a bit for Australia's DNA magazine.  How many covers have you done since you landed that first one?

Todd Sanfield:  I have been on the cover of DNA four times now.  I am currently on DNA MEN #1.

TL:  It seems that everything you've done up until now has been very strategic to your "brand" there a magazine or project that you'd like to do next?

TS:  Not sure, just whatever presents itself.

TL:  You have worked with some very influential and iconic photographers as a model.  Do any shoots standout as favourites?  Who would you like to work with next, or for that matter, work with again?

TS:  My shoot with Kevin McDermott.  It is being turned into a coffee table book called MOTEL|HOTEL.  This shoot is going to be SICK, as hot as it gets!  It will be out the beginning of May.

TL:  When looking at your work, I get a real sense of collaboration between photographer and model.  How hard was it to get to a place of creating something you both want?

TS:  I'm a pretty sexual person and I need to be with a photographer that allows this to come out.  If there is no connection, you can tell in the images that something is off.

TL: You recently did a series with Joe Lally that was VERY steamy!

TS:  If you liked that shoot wait until you see this coffee table book.  You will see it all, I hold nothing back and Kevin McDermott captures it in a way that nobody has ever seen.

TL: Are you planning on doing any more "over-the-top, blow-our-minds" editorials?  I think you may have automatically created a very high demand.

TS:  The Kevin McDermott book will blow your FUCKING minds!  This is the greatest thing I have done thus far.

TL:  Do you ever think about setting up a website like Benjamin Godfre?  His fans are referred to as "Benjaminions" -- what would Todd fans be called?  Sanfieldings, maybe?

TS:  I'm not sure on this one.  Benjamin Godgre already has this category on lock down.  What he is doing is great.  I do not think I could do it better.

**Speaking of Benjamin Godfre, check out this BG produced video starring model Kenzie Roth, along with some very familiar underwear!

TL:  Let's talk about The Todd Sanfield Collection.  How did you decide that underwear was the direction to take your brand?

TS:  I have always been interested in the fashion industry and never really knew how to get involved.  After a few years of wearing underwear and swimwear on shoots I realized there was a serious need for good quality and stylish underwear/swimwear.  I wanted to take on that challenge and create it.

TL:  Obviously, ever since launching your website, we see a lot of TSC underwear in your shoots.  Do you think it's a conflict of interest to model different labels now?  As the face of TTSC, do you think it is possible for you (or consumers) to separate the two?

TS:  No, I don't think it is a conflict.  I support all of the other labels out there.  I wish everybody success!

TL:  How involved are you in the business?  Is it just your name or are you right in there selecting fabrics, colours, fits, etc?

TS:  I am very involved.  Everything you have seen this far is my creation.

TL:  Who does the photography for your website?

TS:  Kevin McDermott did the main image and Randall Mesdon did the product shots.

TL:  Most people don't know that Todd Sanfield, model and entrepreneur is actually studying Pharmacology!  How is that going?  How much longer before we see you in a lab coat saving lives!?

TS:  Haha, Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)!  This is my biggest accomplishment thus far, bigger than any cover or job.  I am finishing up the second semester of my second year, then next year it is more clinical coursework, and my final year is nine different rotations.  So, two more years and you will see me with a button up, a tie, and a "sleeveless" lab coat lol jk.

TL:  Music is a big part of The Lisp.  Something else people might not know is that you're a big fan of Electronic music.  Who are you listening to right now?  Any 2012 releases that you're really anticipating?

TS:  You probably know this by the songs I have posted on my Facebook page.  Yeah, I am a big Electronic music fan, but not to the point where I follow who's coming out in 2012.  I get a lot of stuff from friends and online.

TL:  Musically speaking, everyone has their "jam" --- that one song that makes you shake your ass no matter what, no matter how old, no matter how cheesy.  What's your jam?

TS:  Being from Detroit, I am a big Eminem fan, so I would have to say Eminem - Lose Yourself has to be that "jam."

TS:  Other than your age, you've chosen not to disclose your sexuality.  I have some questions about this.  What made you keep private something so specific, as a public person?  Do you think it's something important to keep to yourself professionally?  Do you think there will ever be a point when it won't matter --either for yourself or others?  'Cause ya know, there's about 1 in 10 folks out there who reeeeeeeeealllllly want you to be on "their team!" LOL!

TS:  When I started in this industry years ago, it was something that I chose to keep private.  I didn't want my sexuality to be something that defined me and dictated where my career could or could not go.
TL:  Do you consider yourself a political person/activist?  What are your thoughts on marriage equality?

TS:  I do not consider myself a political person, but if I had to say I guess I would consider myself pretty liberal and I do vote every election.

I believe that every person should have a right to marriage.  I do not understand why such an outdated definition of marriage is still protected when modern society clearly doesn't respect the values of marriage considering the staggeringly high divorce rates.

TL:  Thank you for answering that so honestly.

Now let's get to some silly stuff!

Favourite indulgence?

TS:  Anything sweet; candy, cake, ice cream, brownies, brownies with ice cream lol, cookies, etc, etc.

TL:  Favourite television program (past or present)? 
TS:  Saved By The Bell haha!  I'm also a big fan of all the Housewives, love it.

TL:  Favourite vacation spot in the whole wide world?


TS:  I'm a big fan of tropical environments, anywhere there is crystal clear water and I can scuba dive.

TL:  Favourite city?  

TS:  NYC, no questions asked!

TL:  Celebrity crushes (female AND male!)?

TS:  Justin Beiber and Justin Beiber lol

TL:  When I'm all by myself and no one is around to see, I _________.

TS: gibberish to my dog.

TL:  Nice!  Most people would be surprised to know that __________.

TS:  ...that my favorite kind of dog is a poodle.

TL:  If it's Saturday night and you're without a date or any plans, what are we most likely to find you doing?

TS:  As of now and the last couple of years I would say studying.

Todd, thanks so much for taking time to answer these questions!

You can follow Todd on Twitter and on his Facebook, where you can gaze upon his gorgeous self, and do a little shopping!  In fact, if you head over to his website right now! you can enjoy a great promo... Take 20% off your entire purchase! Just use the coupon code - APR1, but it's only good until April 1st!

I'll also be getting an exclusive with Todd in May after his new book MOTEL|HOTEL comes out!!  I can hardly wait!  

Hey Todd!  Maybe I can get a free copy or two?  I mean, it'd be great to be able to review it, too!  **WINK!!**


  1. I have DNA MEN and it is soooo fucking HOT!!

  2. Awesome interview! Todd seems just as cool as he is hot... could he be any more perfect? Can't wait until May!

  3. Catching up om my favorite blogs tonight and all I can say is... YOU LUCKY BE-YATCH!!! LUV YA!!!


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